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lately, i've just been working a lot. i only get sundays off so i gotta make some more time again for my projects i want to work on. right now i've been working on 2 zines: strawberry bear, which is a music reveiw/anything goes type of zine and then i have an idea for this next zine i want to do in a semi-pixel art style called sword of god. i'm not really sure what that's gonna be about so far other than like fake RPG kinda thing but in a comic form. i've never really written a story in my comics before.

oh and of course, i'm probably due to make another compilation comics zine since the last one i put out was in october 2020. i think it's funny that i came back to newgrounds around the same time that friday night funkin started getting popular, i see it everywhere now! it's so cool haha. one day i hope i can make an animation or even a game (lol i test games for living so like, maybe i should try to make one myself) i made a threadless and a redbubble store to get my art on shirts and stuff since i don't have time to set up that screenprinting kit that's just sitting in my closet.. lmao.

i hope y'all had a good weekend !

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